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What makes some Las Vegas preschools better than others?

Posted on 01-29-2015


As a parent with a young child, choosing the best preschool can become a challenging process. You will naturally want to give your child the best opportunities and earliest education possible. Join us as we discuss precisely what features you should be looking for, in order to easily identify and select the ideal early education for your child.

Teacher retention

One of the most important considerations, when choosing a preschool, is the professionalism of the teaching staff. A daycare facility which displays a frequent change of staff or teachers should most likely be avoided. Seek out child care facilities that maintain the same teaching staff for extended periods of time. This will often indicate how well the staff is treated which, in turn, can affect your child’s well-being, and the type of child care you can expect. It is always advisable not to compromise your child’s health, development or education, in any way.

Open-door/Online-cam Policy

We have an open-door policy where a parent can walk into a classroom at any time, assuring you that your child is safe and secure. We are equipped with an online-cam as well. You can simply log in and watch your child learning, having fun and enjoying the awesome experiences that we offer.

Choose the preschool that maintains a higher standard in terms of specialized child care. We provide a safe, secure learning environment and superior early education, which caters to each child, as a unique individual. Choose Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Las Vegas, Nevada. We offer an AdvancED™ accredited program. Contact us if you are interested in an exceptional experience for your preschooler.

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