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Las Vegas infant child care tips: How to make bath time fun and safe

Posted on 07-25-2014


Bath time is a great way to wind down from the day’s activities and bond with your infant. Child safe toys and activities will help give your child essential brain stimulation and make bath time just as fun as any other play time:

  • Brightly colored bath ducks. These ducks will not only entertain your infant, they will also help your child to learn about different colors. Splashing around with these bobbing, bright toys is sure to provide an entertaining distraction.
  • Waterproof storybooks. If your child loves story time, then these are the perfect bath time toys. With brightly colored pictures, a story you can read with pages to turn and splash in the water will help your child enjoy every moment.
  • Number sponges. With a fascinating texture, your child will love squeezing these bath toys as much as he enjoys the interesting shapes. This makes a great introductory toy for learning about numbers.

How to safely bathe your infant

  • First, make sure the bath is not too hot. Use a thermometer or your wrist or elbow to check the temperature of the water before starting the process. You can fill the bath to about three inches of warm water and use a cup to pour water on your child, keeping them warm and making bath time easier.
  • Never leave your infant alone in a bath, not even for a second. Your infant needs to be supported at all times to ensure that they do not slip over.
  • Lower your infant into the bath gently, using one hand to hold the upper arm and support his head and shoulders.
  • Choose infant specific bath products and avoid scented products, as they can easily dry and irritate your child’s sensitive skin.

If you are looking for a child care facility that emphasises a safe, caring learning environment, consider Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Las Vegas. Our innovative infant program offers your child healthy developmental stimulation through daily exercises, storytime, sign language, cuddles and play time with peers. Our 1:4 teacher to infant ratio and state-of-the-art facility ensures that your child will be supervised and kept safe at all times. For more information on our infant program, please contact us today.

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