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Las Vegas Day Care: How does play relate to brain development in preschoolers?

Posted on 01-13-2015


Observing a young child at play, many parents may wonder what is going on, and why so much time is dedicated to play in preschool and day care environments. During your child’s first five years of life, most of his or her total brain development takes place. Much of this development is impacted during the times your child is playing. Here we take a look at the benefits of play for your child’s brain development:

Play allows for exploration

Play is an excellent way for your child to explore the world through creative and imaginative fun. Your child will learn about social cues, how to communicate, and how to get along with others by acting out scenes and scenarios. Your child will also learn about problem solving, and this is one of the major benefits that makes explorative play so effective.

Play fortifies valuable lessons

Another major reason why play is considered so vital in day care and preschool is that, while your child is having fun, strong neural pathways are developing. Activities undertaken during play help to strengthen these neural pathways. The reinforcement of neural pathways sets a strong foundation for future learning.

Other important benefits

Play allows your child to develop language skills and, when using the entire body, can help refine fine and gross motor skills. During play your child will begin to develop self-esteem and independence, and play is also a good way for your child to channel energy in a positive manner.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Las Vegas, Nevada offers early childhood development that focuses on your child’s brain development and learning. We ensure that play is a fundamental part of our preschool curriculum, and that your child will have the best opportunity for success. Contact us here for more details about our excellent child care services.

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