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Las Vegas Child Care: Safe sleeping standards for your infant

Posted on 11-10-2014


For any infant, a safe and comfortable sleeping environment must be provided at all times. By ensuring that a few prerequisites are met, you can rest easily knowing that your infant is safe in the crib. Here are a few things parents can do to ensure a safe sleeping environment for their infant:

Purchasing and installing a crib

When purchasing a crib, you need to be sure that it is deep enough and that the bars are no more than 2.6 inches apart. All that should be present in the crib when your infant is asleep is a firm mattress and a fitted sheet. Your child does not need pillows, bumper pads or any toys present in the crib during sleep. In fact, these items are considered hazardous and pose a higher risk of SIDS.

Room temperature

Make sure that your baby sleeps safe and sound by keeping the room’s temperature between 67 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep your baby’s crib far away from radiators and fans. When it comes to clothing, choosing snug-fitting clothing that does not lead to overheating.

Place your infant on the back

Numerous studies by infant care specialists indicate that babies who sleep on the back are far less likely to suffer from various conditions such as SIDS and unforeseen injuries. Also, newborn infants often get into the habit of sleeping in the same way they are first placed. Thus, with the right habits from the start, you do not need to place any sleep positioners in the crib, since these can increase unnecessary health and physiological risks.

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