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Essential educational activities for pre-schoolers in Las Vegas, NV

Posted on 06-11-2014


The first five years of life are pivotal for a child's development and academic future. During this time of unprecedented development, billions of brain cells are either activated or lost forever. Triggering these brain cells through a variety of activities is essential for the development of cognitive, emotional, language and physical abilities.

Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Las Vegas is committed to creating a loving environment where pre-schoolers can flourish in both mind and body. Our AdvancED accredited pre-school program is specifically designed to help children excel in a stimulating, supportive, and fun environment. Our dedicated staff focuses on a child's individual skills through group activities combined with child-directed play. A few of our activities to boost this period of essential growth include:

  • Building tasks. Our Construction Station teaches pre-schoolers how to both build and disassemble complex structures. This promotes hand-eye coordination, inspires teamwork, and emphasizes communication, all while they learn about architecture.
  • Exploration. Pre-schoolers have endless curiosity about the world, which should be encouraged and nurtured. The Exploration and Discovery Station teach children about classifying different objects, experimenting through fun science experiments, and problem solving.
  • Sensory tasks. At this young age, learning about using all the different senses is important. The Sensory Station allows children to touch, taste, smell, see, and hear for the enhanced development of creative and fine motor skills.
  • Creative tasks. Our Imagination Station helps guide children towards developing healthy social skills, self-confidence, and respect for others in a fun and creative environment.
  • Musical tasks. Our Music and Movement Station emphasizes having fun with others while also developing pattern recognition skills, coordination, and listening abilities.
  • Writing and reading tasks. At the Library and Writing Stations, children learn how writing and communication are linked, which assists them with expanding their vocabularies, increasing their listening skills, and enhancing fine motor abilities. During your child's time with us, they will receive an abundance of love, support, and individualized attention, while also participating in development-orientated tasks that maximize their mental capacity.

Parents can continue this learning experience outside of pre-school through quality child-friendly activities such as those offered at the Discovery Children's Museum. At the museum, your child will be encouraged to build, explore, invent, get creative, and play with others, all while having fun!

For more information about our Learning Academy or our pre-school curriculum, please contact us today.

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